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The Ministry of Finance publishes in-year, quarterly budget performance reports that provide information about the Government’s revenue performance, expenditure developments, debt activity and policy initiatives for enhanced public financial management. The Ministry also produces a user-friendly "fiscal snapshot” that summarizes the key developments and trends in the quarterly budget report. 

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First 9-Months Budget Performance FY2019/20

Budget performance in the third quarter report was dominated by rebuilding efforts associated with Hurricane Dorian and, to a lesser extent, the initial impact of the Government’s policy response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In the first nine-months, the fiscal deficit widened by an anticipated 79.3% to an estimated $251.5 million, as the fiscal impact of Hurricane Dorian started to materialize. The full impact of the public health crisis and economic shutdown is not expected to be seen fully until the fourth quarter report. 


First 9-Months Fiscal Snapshot & Report on Budget Performance FY2019/20

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