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Budget Estimates

Line item details of the budget

The "Draft Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure" is a budget document with all of the tables and spreadsheets detailing the budget line items across every ministry and department. In September 2019, The Bahamas was hit by the most catastrophic hurricane in its history. The Government revised its 2019/20 estimates of revenue and expenditure in January 2020, passing a Supplementary "Hurricane Dorian" Budget in the House of Assembly on January 29, 2020. Download the PDF booklet below. 

Our deficit has been on a downward trajectory since this Administration took office. As we lower our deficit, and get our debt on a downward trajectory to a sustainable level of no more than 50 percent of GDP, while shoring up our revenue in our fight against noncompliance, we will undoubtedly have more resources to devote to other areas of social reform that will have an indelible impact on the lives of our people. We will have more resources to dedicate to educational initiatives, better health care, addressing our infrastructure needs, and improving our trading across borders."


The budget website is inspired by a worldwide movement towards citizens budgets. Presented by the Ministry of Finance, it is a visual, interactive and less-technical version of the annual budget that promotes accessibility, inclusion, transparency and accountability.