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Public Sector Reform & Modernisation

Improving government efficiency and service delivery

Reformation of the Public Sector will involve the development of new skills in the Public Service and continuity as persons retire as mandated at 65 years of age. The modernization of the Public Service in The Bahamas is required as many of our practices and procedures are antiquated. An IDB report made recommendations using seven indices which included: Efficiency, merit, structural consistency, functional capacity, integrative capacity, management capabilities and diversity management. The Prime Minister’s delivery unit will oversee this reform as it directly impacts the ease of doing business in the Bahamas. 

$4 Million


An influx of new talent especially with familiarity of the new communication technologies will be key to public sector reform to allow for its efficient and swift delivery of services to the public. Succession training of these new recruits by the more experienced in the public service as they retire will also be an important element of the transformation agenda of the Government.

$8 Million


The main objective of this project is to foster the country’s competitiveness by reducing the costs of conducting business with the Government. This general objective will be accomplished by achieving the following specific objectives: (i) streamlining government procedures and making them available online to reduce the cost of government bureaucracy; (ii) increasing the use of ICTs in the public sector; and (iii) increasing transparency of Government activities and strengthening auditing and control mechanisms.

In our Manifesto, we were explicit that we would progress public sector reform to create an efficient public service committed to improving the ease of doing business with the Government. And, shortly after coming to office, we followed through on that commitment with the establishment of a private sector led Committee to develop recommendations for improvements in the ease of doing business in this country."


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